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$ave Oregon

A well developed, comprehensive, state-wide cost reduction program can institutionalize cost reduction into state government providing an ongoing means of controlling the growth of government spending. In today’s political climate the need for government services is constantly increasing while the willingness on the part of taxpayers to fund services remains static.  This leaves increased government efficiencies – that is, reducing the costs of current programs – as the best method for being able to do more with the current levels of funding.  Many attempts at cost reduction have only addressed some of the components of a comprehensive program or have failed to provide sufficient incentive to participate in the program for either suggestors or implementers.  In fact, most programs fight a loosing uphill battle for the implementation of cost reductions due to the lack of incentives for the managers that would have to actually implement them.  We believe that by drawing upon experience gained from the B2 Stealth Bomber Cost Reduction Program it is possible to develop a successful incentivized cost reduction program at the state level.

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