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[New!]Data Center Cooling - A New Approach

High capacity liquid cooled computer racks offer a new approach to meeting the challenges of data center cooling and capacity.  This recently published white paper Data Center Cooling – A New Approach, explores the benefits and technology.  Substantial electrical cost savings are possible as well as the ability to significantly increase the density of equipment in the data center.

[New!]Collaborative Technology Procurement

The procurement of technology components such as hardware and software applications, either as part of a larger project or as a project of its own, is often part of the challenge that project managers face on a routine basis.  Often taken for granted because of the use of age-old (read” the way we have always done it”) methods and assumptions about local procurement rules, these procurement efforts can doom a project from the start.  This white paper Collaborative Technology Procurement, proposes a novel approach to critical technology procurements.

Enterprise Architecture and Disaster Recovery Planning

A recent white paper on the convergence of Enterprise Architecture and Disaster Recovery Planning (Enterprise Architecture and Disaster Recovery Planning) has been added to the collection of the University of Colorado, Natural Hazards Center.  Visit this significant source of disaster related material at

White Papers published in Shared Insight's EA Network

Several white papers written by David Rudawitz have been published by the Shared Insight EA Network (  Shared Insights produces the bi-annual EA Conferences and other material about Enterprise Architecture.

Antevorte Consulting recognized by the State of Oregon

Antevorte Consulting was recently recognized by the State of Oregon and certified as an Emerging Small Business (ESB) and a Women Business Enterprise (WBE).  As a certified business, Antevorte Consulting is listed in the State of Oregon, Office of Minority, Women & Emerging Small Business certified firm information which is available through the Internet (

David Rudawitz testifies before the Oregon State Joint Legislative Committee for Information Management and Technology

David Rudawitz testified on September 14, 2004 to the Oregon State Joint Legislative Committee for Information Management and Technology at the State Capitol in Salem Oregon.  Mr. Rudawitz was invited as an industry expert to offer his vision for IT service delivery for Oregon State government.  The JLCIMT has oversight responsibility for IT projects and expenditures for the State of Oregon.

$ave Oregon

$ave Oregon - Comprehensive incentivized cost reduction program for state government.  David Rudawitz and Stephen Freiling testified about $ave Oregon before the Oregon House Interim Committee on Government Operations Oversight on June 29,2004.  View that testimony here - $ave Oregon Testimony.  Testimony was also entered into the record of the Senate General Government Committee on September 20, 2004.  $ave Oregon Testimony.

Enterprise Business Architecture

Buy the book @ CRC PressVisit the Enterprise Business Architecture website and learn about the new book Enterprise Business Architecture by Ralph Whittle and Conrad B. Myrick.

Order the book from CRC Press.


White Papers, publications, conferences, etc.

Bringing it all together in the Office of the CIO - April 2004
        Also available at EANetwork
Enterprise Architecture - More Than Just Standards - February 2004   Abstract
Also available at EANetwork
Selecting an Enterprise Architecture Tool - December 2003   Abstract
Enterprise Architecture and Disaster Recovery Planning
On the way to an effective Business Continuity Planning Philosophy
- November 2003  Abstract
Also available on and EANetwork

Taking Enterprise Architecture to the Next Level - November 2003  Abstract
Also available at EANetwork

Why Enterprise Architecture Efforts Often Fall Short - November 2003  Abstract
Also available at EANetwork

EITS Framework Brochure
Tool enabled enterprise architecture services

Visit EANetworkto see these and more white papers


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